On 23rd and 24th of September 2019 we organized the first official ALPIE Open Day.

We met 5 growers from 5 different countries and we visited together Funghi Valentina, one of the most advanced mushroom farms in Italy.

Here we saw all the main processes of the company:

  • Rooms filling operations
  • Cultivation methods
  • Organization of the picking process
  • Rooms emptying and cleaning

Mr. Oriano Borghi, owner of Funghi Valentina, accompanied us through this special tour, sharing his tips and tricks with the other growers.

On top of that, we gave a practical demonstration of how shelves are cleaned with our E-WASH and what results can be achieved.

Participants were enthusiastic about the initiative and commented:

“We were able to discuss with other growers and also with ALPIE technicians, it was extremely interesting.”

“I always love to see other farms, the way they operate and grow. The owner of Funghi Valentina was really friendly and open to all questions.”

We deeply believe that sharing information and experience is fundamental for the development of this sector, to find new solutions that respond to emerging needs or to solve existing problems.

What about doing this in front of tasty Italian food and excellent wine?

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