We are happy to present our new website!

We’ve invested our brains to build an easy-to-use platform to help you find the products and services you’re looking for.

We’ve invested our heart and soul, because we wanted it to convey our values and our way of working.

We put our maximum effort into it, because results are only achieved by working hard.

And we show our faces, because we believe in what we do and we are always on the front line.

We have also thought of a Magazine area constantly enriched with new content selected to offer useful information on technical and technological solutions in our sector and the latest news from the ALPIE world.

Our goal is to create a website on mushroom growing, in synergy with mushroom growers and compost producers, to develop new ideas and to generate innovation together.

Your contribution is fundamental for us: if you have any advice or suggestions, write to us at info@alpie.it.

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