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Macchinari per fungaie coltivazione champignon

We manufacture different types of machinery for mushroom farms, designed for the cultivation of champignon or exotic mushrooms.

Our machines meet the most diverse of needs: from top-of-the-range solutions for maximum efficiency and time savings, to solutions dedicated to smaller companies and those with less spending power.

All our machines are 100% “Made in ALPIE”, from product design through construction to final testing.

How to recognise an ALPIE machine

Strength and durability

We use almost exclusively stainless or hot-dip galvanised steel, with automatic lubrication systems for parts liable to wear.


Thanks to the different models and optional extras, you can fabricate the machines to suit your objectives, right up to tailor-made customisation during fabrication.

Time savings

We give priority to solutions to boost efficiency, from agile movements to systems to reduce the times and workforce required.

Autonomous control

Our machines are designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance. They also come with clear manuals with three-dimensional illustrations.

To cultivate and grow champignon mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus), the shelves in the mushroom farm must be filled with the compost produced in the compost facilities.
Pre-incubated bulk compost (Phase 3) can be loaded at the same time as the casing soil (peat) to form the growing bed where the mushrooms will grow. If the compost has not yet been spawned (Phase 2), the spawn must be distributed before the compost is placed on the shelves and the casing soil must be added later when incubation is complete. The compost can also be placed on the shelves in blocks (Phase 3 or Phase 2). In this case, the casing soil must be added separately once all the blocks have been loaded.
Once the mushroom picking phase is complete, the spent compost must be removed from the shelves which then require thorough washing, together with the growing nets, to guarantee a high level of hygiene and cleanliness to prevent the formation and spread of disease.
ALPIE equipment can mechanise and automate all these processes: from filling the shelves with the growing bed, to emptying the spent materials at the end of the cycle, and cleaning the equipment used (nets and shelves).

Of course, we can’t explain all the details of the process here. You can find more information on the pages dedicated to the individual machines.
But we would like to invite you to find out more and count on us for whatever support you need.

In the meantime, welcome to the world of mushroom growing!

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