We present our new logo, the result of lengthy analysis of our corporate identity.

We wanted it to represent us, to express us, our evolution and the new approach we adopted several years ago.

We wanted it to be more essential and we wanted to go beyond the concept of “OFFICINE”, the factory, because we are much more than just machine fabricators.

So, we deleted the word “Officine” from our original name and added an “E” that stands for:

  • The Experience we’ve accumulated in 50 years in the mushroom industry.
  • Efficiency, because providing rapid assistance for your machines and responding quickly to your requests is part of our modus operandi.
  • Evolution, because we grow together with the growing technologies.
  • Energy, like the energy you invest in growing your mushrooms day after day.
  • Empathy, to better understand your needs.
  • Enthusiasm, because like you we dedicate body and soul to our work.

Do you like it?